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Sales Engagement

Carrie Gulland


Carrie Gulland is an experienced, effective and engaging Learning and Development professional with over 10 years of experience in L & D. 

With almost 20 years of experience working in recruitment and sales, Carrie applies her client centric approach to her training philosophy to create customized training programs and methodologies that are tailored to the needs of her clients.

Experienced in needs analysis, training design and delivery, sustaining behavioral change and using data to evaluate results, Carrie’s passion for achieving results is evident in everything she does. Her approach combines group training sessions with individual follow up to further embed the concepts.

Training Programs:

Changing our habits and behavior is hard work. We find the most effective way to do this is by combining short group theoretical training sessions with individual practical training sessions.. Everyone is different and the follow up sessions ensure that each person is getting what they need. Programs can be customized to ensure that the techniques and messages taught are in line with your company’s values and needs.

Please contact us so we can review the training curriculum options we offer. Whether that’s crafting and teaching your team a sales methodology, or working with your management team to develop their management skills, we can help you shape the change you’d like to see, teach it and see a lasting impact on your results.

Coaching Programs:

An outside and impartial coach can make a big difference in how we approach our jobs. Our approach to coaching is to focus on developing and evolving the way you approach challenges and situations at work so that you can be a more efficient and effective leading in your business. Coaching sessions can cover a wide variety of topics and can be purchased individually or in a package to be used as needed. Our coaching sessions start with an information gathering session where we learn about the client’s unique challenges and situations. From there we work together to create a plan that will support our clients achieve their goals.